Orchard College, first Spelling Contest

Orchard College, first Spelling Contest

Orchard College, first Spelling Contest

Last Friday, May 5th, students from 3rd to 6th grade from Vichuquén School and Orchard College had the opportunity to show their skills at mastering the basics of the language in what stands out as Orchard College’s First Spelling Contest.

Three students from each school had the chance to spell easy and some very complicated words in English in front of three strict judges, Miss Laly Flores, Mister Polo Ibarra and Miss Karen Brisso. Even though the contestants were very nervous they impressed the audience with the confidence they showed when given difficult words in the foreign language. We also had a First and a Second grader reciting poems as well as two Third graders saying fun tongue twisters.

The winners showed us how they master the connections between combinations and the sounds they represent. By the end of the contest we had First, Second and Third Prize winners. Orchard College congratulates all contestants and encourages everybody to participate in events that challenge their skills.

C – O – N – G –R – A – T – U – L – A – T – I – O – N – S !!

Place Name Grade School
First Manuel Mora 3rd Orchard College
First Amapola Marcenaro 4th Orchard College
First Josefina Solís de Ovando 5th Orchard College
First Joaquín Verástegui 6th Orchard College


Place Name Grade School
Second Manuel Gibson 3rd Orchard College
Second Emilia Corta 4th Orchard College
Second Antonia Retamal 5th Colegio Vichuquén
Second Vicente Muñoz 6th Orchard College


Place Name Grade School
Third Benjamín Reyes 3rd Colegio Vichuquén
Third Raimundo Jofré 4th Colegio Vichuquén
Third Javiera Salas 5th Colegio Vichuquén
Third Clemente López 6th Colegio Vichuquén